My mom started online dating, and she doesn’t know how to text

Flirting over text with your potential online matches When my mom asked me to help…

Sometimes I Miss My Pre-Pandemic Relationship

My boyfriend and I made a decision that led to us moving in permanently after…

Making Friends in my 20s During the 2020s? It’s Easier for me Than it Has Ever Been

The new normal It’s been 406 days since I came home for Spring Break. In…

Looking for Queer Joy in an Unfriendly Space

This story feels hardly unique among queer people who have had to make their way in unfriendly spaces. My college roommate and I attended a homophobic Christian institution, that would really rather us not be there.

Dungeons and Dragons and Friends

How playing a weekly game can form and strengthen. Even if you and your friends…

Love in A Bell Jar: Why We All Need The One That Got Away

Ironically, perhaps, the one that got away has always been there for me. This is the story of how we met, how I let her go, and why she matters.


Bond Touch’s Spotify

From concept to team building I know, right? Brands have nothing to gain aside from…

Moving In Together Broke My Relationship, but Not the One You’d Expect

I love exploring my neighborhood. Even though I’ve walked the streets a hundred times, I…


How to Maintain Long Distance BFF ships

For many years during and after college, my BFF (let’s call them Charlie) and I…

Distance is Everything

How a rare eye disease shaped the way I see the importance of keeping the right distance in life, love and everything in between.

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