Davis Walden

Davis Walden is the creator of The Viridian Wild, a mythozoology podcast, and a writer for podcasts Hit The Bricks and Dining in the Void.

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The first queer book festival: proud, diverse and original

“I always forgot who brought it up first, but one of us brought up the…

Pride During COVID: the Queer Community asks itself if it stays inside or goes out?

This past March, the United States passed its one-year anniversary with the coronavirus pandemic, mask…

green card waiting

Love Pending Government Approval

When your happily-ever-after is a green card away. Here’s the story of Audrey and Kumar, and how their love was waiting Government Approval

A Man alone in a bar in New York City

Not Out and About: The Impacts of COVID on the New York City Gay Scene

While all of us are familiar with the isolation brought on by the pandemic, New York’s gay scene suffered from an additional problem: losing touch with a found family and community that made them feel accepted and free.

We’re Locked-in: Moving in Together During Lockdown

It sounds like a premise ripped straight out of a sitcom’s pilot script: Two couples…