João Santos Costa

João Costa e Santos is a journalist and creative writer from Portugal. He’s an avid book worm and LGBTQIA+ activist interested in the shaping of human emotions and interactions.

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Forget June. Here are 7 ways to be an LGBTQIA+ ally all year-round

Another Pride month has come and gone. But it’s important to remember that being an…

Why should queer relationships be any less valid than any other?

It’s an issue that virtually every queer couple faces but rarely explores. Our relationships, no…

Relationships after lockdown: 5 ways to look after yours

The pandemic proved to be trying times for all of us. But, with lockdowns no…

“Who wears the pants?” Breaking gender roles in same-sex relationships

The embodiment of gender roles in same-sex couples can be traced back to the age-old idea that a relationship should be between a man and a woman. But in a world where words like “man” and “woman” are giving way to fluidity, how does this polarization of what’s expected from certain genders extend to our relationships?

Dating inside the closet. Is love an open door?

So, are you dating inside the closet? Has your partner not come out yet? Maybe…

I came out 10 years ago. What challenges will we face in the next 10?

In 2011, Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord, Rebecca Black released “Friday” and for some…

I Believe #couplegoals is Toxic. Here’s why.

Granted, you should have healthy standards when it comes to your relationships. But setting unrealistic and aesthetic standards that are impossible to uphold is doing your love life more harm than good.