Alex Miller is an actor and writer. She loves writing sketches with friends, waving at dogs in cars, and watching mediocre indie films.

João is a journalist and creative writer from Portugal. He’s a book worm and LGBTQIA+ activist interested in the shaping of human emotions.

Angelica is a freelance journalist, marketer, and coffee-lover based in NYC.

Davis Walden is the creator of The Viridian Wild, a mythozoology podcast, and a writer for podcasts Hit The Bricks and Dining in the Void.

“I find human interactions fascinating. I love writing about them to show they’re not as complicated as we think. The world needs more dogs.”

Kirstie is a relationship writer and author of the book, What I Wish I Knew About Love, who is based in Los Angeles.

Zanny is a writer based in a small mountain town, where she lives with her husband, drinks Italian wine, and solves crossword puzzles.

A writer from the West Coast with a lust for life, love, and apple turnovers. You’ll find her covered in flour, hiking, or re-dissecting relationships on One Tree Hill.

Fiske Nyirongo is a writer based in Lusaka, Zambia. She writes fiction and non-fiction. She is a staff writer at Meeting of Minds UK.

Sara is a culture and lifestyle writer from Brooklyn with a deep love of cities and a weird fascination with the New York City subway.

Jessica is the editor of the lesbian publication Zona Livre. She writes about lesbian culture, fashion, and all kinds of relationships.

Cristian is a Neuroscientist and a Thai massage therapist from Colombia, he mixes science and spirituality to explore the human core.

Taia lives and writes in Brooklyn with her dog, Mochi. She loves the rain.

Creative writer and pop-culture fan from Lisbon, Portugal. I write about life, society, relationships and how pop-culture impacts our lives.

Meggie Gates is a comedian and writer in Chicago. Their work has appeared in Vox, Cosmopolitan, and Consequence of Sound.

Mara (she/her) is a queer, freelance creative who loves all things nerd culture. She loves talking about books, friendship, and her latest story idea.

Elliot Taylor is a writer based in Bristol, UK. His passions go beyond writing: he loves to cook, run, hike, and read. Get in touch!

Megan Wray (she/her) is a bisexual, biracial freelance writer and poet. Passionate about social justice, identity, and platonic love.

Gabrielle is a writer living in rural Wisconsin with her spouse and a massive garden. When she’s not writing, she’s teaching voice lessons.

Ayaz is a UK-based writer exploring modern culture and society. He graduated from Warwick in 2020 and is looking for new opportunities.

Emily Capettini (she/her) is a fiction writer, editor, and Assistant Professor of English based in the Midwest.

Joana is a Portuguese Marketeer, curious and passionate. Excelsior!

MC is a writer, casting director & talent agent. Her main goal through everything she does is to instil a sense of optimism and empowerment.

Alyx Ang is a booklover and content creator. When she’s not posting bookish photos, she’s chasing her dreams of being a marine biologist.

Ashley J Chong is a Korean diaspora kid who writes words and music. She thinks about identity and language a lot.

Molly Lipson is a freelance writer and an activist from the UK writing about society, lifestyle, health and politics.

I’m a Bondito since 2019. I live in Porto, I’m 18 years old, finishing high school! I love writing, blogging and creating cute products.

Gia is a writer based in Atlanta, GA.

Erica Mones is a YouTuber and freelance writer from Long Island, NY. She is pursuing her Master’s in Disability Studies from CUNY.

The search for improvement led Mihai to become a product manager, but it also re-enforced his love for video games, reading, and writing.