Real Stories

No longer alone: How I found the Asian Creative network, community, and my career online

Growing up in the Midwest as a Korean American girl, there weren’t many people like…

My Parents Like Me Better When I’m Gay

I often joke that I have “good parent privilege.” Growing up, my catholic, conservative parents…

The first queer book festival: proud, diverse and original

“I always forgot who brought it up first, but one of us brought up the…

Pride During COVID: the Queer Community asks itself if it stays inside or goes out?

This past March, the United States passed its one-year anniversary with the coronavirus pandemic, mask…

Dungeons and Dragons and Friends

How playing a weekly game can form and strengthen. Even if you and your friends…

Love in A Bell Jar: Why We All Need The One That Got Away

Ironically, perhaps, the one that got away has always been there for me. This is the story of how we met, how I let her go, and why she matters.

2020 class

The ZOOM Class of 2020

The Life of a University Student During the 2020 Pandemic. ZOOM, socializing and how the distance manifested in the community.

sex and the city watch party

Is Sex and the City Still Relatable to Gen Zs?

As a ​Sex and the City revival was announced, I couldn’t help but wonder how the show would land in 2021. Would Gen Zs find it as relatable as Millenials? I put my investigator coat on and started my search.