About how they’re doing and what they’re doing about it, but also longer pieces with questions sent in by users or by us to the community.

Modern Love Languages and Examples from the Bondito Community

Oh, the languages of love. Known traditionally as touch, quality time, affirming words, gifts, and…

Quarantine Confessions from our Bonditos: Being Okay with it All

Our Bondito’s Quarantine Secrets  Quarantine was bound to be a little bit messy. Even the…

From the Bottom of Our Heart: Bonditos Share Their Best Life & Love Advice

This past year has been a lot. And when we log on Instagram, it seems like everyone around us is coping better than we are: getting fit, getting married or just getting really great at baking.

sex and the city watch party

Is Sex and the City Still Relatable to Gen Zs?

As a ​Sex and the City revival was announced, I couldn’t help but wonder how the show would land in 2021. Would Gen Zs find it as relatable as Millenials? I put my investigator coat on and started my search.